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So if you found this website, you’re most likely an entrepreneur, a creative or someone very passionate about a vision.  You have a commitment to growing and improving; being the best in the game.  

You want to effect the world in a positive way.

But you are feeling like something is holding you back.  

You want to take your vision to the next level but you haven’t been able to grow it on your own.

Be honest, does this sound like you?

“I get so caught up in the day to day grind that I can’t focus on the big picture”

“I am spending all of my time working in my business and not on my business”

“I feel like if I let go of the wheel for one second my business will suffer”

“I feel like I’ve maximized my hustle and I don’t know how to grow without hiring more people”

If so, you are not alone.  As a matter of fact, many creatives and entrepreneurs get to the same point.  Most of our clients have felt like this.


I’ve been there.  

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed. 

Coming from a musical family with super talented parents, I always wondered why my dad wasn’t famous or my mother wasn’t a touring singer-songwriter.

Prime examples of why world class talent doesn’t always equal world-class income.

Maybe it could be because they came from a time where marketing yourself wasn’t as important as is it today.

It wasn’t until about six years ago that I really learned the importance of marketing.

So I started searching.  I stumbled upon people like Eben Pagan, Jermaine Griggs, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert and David Ogilvy among others.

What I discovered was a different way of marketing. A kind of marketing that just wasn’t being used in the music industry.  

I later found that it wasn’t being used by small businesses either.

I've come to believe that business (and especially marketing) is a mix of art and science. – Bryan 'Don Suave' Click To Tweet

You must be artistic in the way you add value and scientific in the way you execute. Click To Tweet


The S.A.M. Method

It’s my belief that what makes a great marketer is his or her ‘faith’ in testing…

…testing different ideas and applying the 80/20 rule to what is working and killing what isn’t.  

I’m somewhat of a mad scientist in that sense.  

Through all of this testing I’ve streamlined everything down to one process; called the S.A.M. Method.

The 80/20 rule (or Pareto’s Principle) is the basis for The S.A.M. Method; a process that we use to evaluate where a business’s marketing system can be fixed, improved or scaled.

You can learn more about the S.A.M. Method here.

An effective marketing system will allow you to spend 80% of your time doing the things you are passionate about or best at in your business, while still growing it.  

For creatives this means that you spend most of your time creating.

For the entrepreneur this means you spend more time on your passion.

And the S.A.M. Method helps you to do that.


The vision for Alavon365

Through the blog, resources library, recommended books store and our products and services, our mission is to provide you with a shortcut to growing your business and expanding your vision.

Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs and creatives like you with the best tools that we that we have to offer:

  • how-to articles and videos that you can quickly implement
  • apps that make it easier for you to run your business
  • software that will increase your productivity
  • strategies that our clients are using to grow their businesses
  • inspiration to keep you focused and motivated
  • 1 on 1 marketing breakthrough sessions 

How to use the site

If you are new to Alavon365.com (and you probably are since you’ve made it this far), here are a few key ‘landmarks’.


Our blog is where you will discover some of our best digital marketing tips, news, technology updates and some of our own client successes.  

We broke it up into 3 chapters based on the S.A.M. Method; social, automation and mobile.


We often recommend the same services to our clients and we wanted to create a one stop shop.  

A ‘digital plug’ if you will…

Going back and forth testing out different apps tend to slow people down from getting quick results.

We wanted to help you get started as fast as possible so we curated a list of our favorite tools.

We are also adding our own downloadable guides, worksheets videos.  

Check it out

Hopefully this section provides you with a ton of value!

Our products and services

We call our products and services ‘solutionsbecause they are designed to solve specific problems. 

We’ve organized them into three phases based on the S.A.M. Method:

  1. acquiring new leads using social
  2. converting more leads and for a higher value using automation
  3. retaining them after purchase for longer using mobile

And each phase is broken down into the level of service that you need:

  1. do it yourself (software only)
  2. done for you (software plus setup for you)
  3. managed for you (software setup and managed for you)


Our store is where you will find recommended books for creatives and entrepreneurs.  

Everytime I read a book and I believe it can add value, I will add it to the store.

Some of our own gear will be added there as well. 🙂


Affiliate Disclosure

Throughout this site we will link out to tools that we’ve used and that we recommend. 

Many of these links are affiliate links.

This means that if you were to purchase through this link we get a small commission.  

This acts as a ‘thank you’ for the time that we put into finding the best ways to solve common problems.

This is at no extra cost to you but if you do not feel comfortable supporting us, you are welcome to Google them yourself to bypass our links.  

No offense taken 😀

Next Steps

If you’re still reading this you probably still don’t know where to begin.

Feel free to use the  search bar in the right sidebar or in the header menu to look for anything in particular.

Otherwise I would suggest signing up for our list, that way you don’t miss any updates, tips and strategies that we release.

Hope this helps,

Bryan “Don Suave'”

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