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How Entrepreneurs Can Direct Resources Most Effectively

Within the world of business, resource allocation can often be a critical concern. Being able to direct finances, manpower, and other resources to greater effect can go a long way towards ensuring that new business ventures and startups are more likely to enjoy long-term success.

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Morning Motivation (How Successful People Start Their Day)

 Need some motivation?  I want to share with you this video from Be Inspired. What’s the key takeway? Gratitude is the right attitude and make the decision that you will make the best of your day. “Give yourself permission to be great.” Treat every morning as a new opportunity to not DO something great,

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Get your business up and running online quickly with these tools.

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Getting started online

Secure your domain and set up hosting

Panabee secret weapon.

When you enter the domain name that you’d like, it will not only search for the domain but it will do a  Google search, check the Play store for apps and check social media for the handle.

Also allows you to buy it for for $1.

Business Hosting/Email

Powerful shared web hosting that comes with free email accounts, backup and a ‘host’ of other features for entrepreneurs and creatives.  

There are only two plans and you are allowed to build more than one site.  WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal and more can be installed in just one click.

Planning to launch a very large blog or do you plan to have over 100,000 visitors a month?

Powered by SSD drives, (which are faster than traditional hard drives) VPS might be the solution for you and Inmotion’s customer service is the best I’ve experienced.

After having some issues with Godaddy we started working with Namecheap and so far we have no complaints.

Their dashboard is easy to use and customers service has been on point as of yet.


Start creating content and building your platform

When it comes to creating a platform for content, is our number choice by far setting it up.  Why?

Over 27% of the internet is built using WordPress, the top content on Google are on blogs built using WordPress and it’s not limited in any way like other platforms yet it’s easy to figure out for non-techies, unlike a couple of other platforms.

And because it’s self hosted, you own all of your data.

It’s the perfect platform for entrepreneurs.

Need a simple tool to find keywords to target for your content?

Alavon Rankr is a simple platform that tracks and analyzes search keywords/phrases for your website

For each keyword or phrase you get to see how much traffic the phrase is getting, what position your website is ranking for it and how hard it will be to rank for that keyword or phrase.

It’s a great way to find opportunities for your business online and find untapped niches that you could rank for.

Social Media

Get the word out about your brand

Sharing valuable content to your followers is a great way to build authority but the problem is that you’re not driving traffic back to your own website.

Sniply is dope because it places a call to action on the bottom of any page that you share.

Later is a visual scheduler app for Instagram and it’s the best one that I’ve tried.

Instagram doesn’t allow apps to directly post to the platform so it will send you a notification with the caption ready to be pasted when it’s time to be posted.

Create your own branded graphics and memes for all your social media accounts and schedule them in just a few clicks.

The research feature provides you with endless inspiration for your own posts as well as relevant content to share.

Buffer is our tool of choice for posting our blog articles out ahead on a schedule.

The most powerful feature is the predetermined time slots that you can queue any number of posts to.

Buffer + Alavon Social = WIN

Video Hosting

Engage with your audience with video

Upload video content and have it available for billions around the world to see for free.

They offer unlimited video hosting but it’s the least exclusive of the platforms

Also schedule live streams and interact live in chat.

Professional video hosting with great privacy and monetization options.

The Vimeo Pro plan in between YouTube (free) and Wistia in price and we use it for a lot of our private educational content.

You can sell access to your work as well.

Video hosting that let’s you measure how people are watching your videos.  

We use this for our pitch videos, marketing videos and any other videos where we cant to track prospects’ viewing behavior.

Their paid plan is $100/mo.

Yup Facebook.

With the amount of data that you get, plus the ability to create advertising audiences based on views, Facebook should be in your arsenal for hosting your videos. 

You can embed uploads and live streams on your website too.


Stay top of mind using email

If you are hesitant to invest in email marketing because you are new, Mailchimp might be right solution for you.

Two main selling points are (1) you get up to 2,000 contacts for free and (2)the app integrates with just about everything.

This is a must have for Gmail power-users like I am.

With it you can track email open/clicks, schedule to go out at a later time, create templates, send bulk email, add calls to action and too much more to name here.

Sendgrid is what we use for our non-marketing transactional emails.

These types of emails don’t require an opt-in and are initiated through our system and sent via API by Sendgrid.

I switched to them after Mail become part of Mailchimp’s paid plan.


Put your business to work while you sleep

The secret to automating your hustle for sure.

You set up automations that are triggered by your contacts’ actions instead of time-based autoresponders.

Alavon Blue is the backbone to an efficient marketing and selling machine.


ClickFunnels is an easy to use landing page, funnel and shopping cart page builder that doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

You get access to literally every type of funnel imaginable that you can install in just a few clicks and start driving traffic and making sales.

Zapier is the superglue that brings all of your marketing, sales, project management and productivity software together.

For example when someone signs up for your Mailchimp email list, you can set up a ‘zap’ to add them to an automation sequence or create a task in Podio.


IFTTT (If This Then That) is similar to Zapier but instead of ‘zaps’ you create ‘recipes’.

This tool connects a lot of cool things together that aren’t necessarily apps like Alexa, Google  Assistant and Weather Underground.

IFTTT is sort of like a personal assitant.


No such thing as time management — you must manage yourself

Our tool of choice for project and task management.  

Allows you to create apps that automate task creation for you and it plugs in great with Zapier.

A very simple Kanban style project management tool.

Just create a board with different stages as columns and drag and drop ‘cards’ along the columns to show its progress.

They say that the closer you set your deadlines, the faster you will work.

I personally use Egg timer to keep me focused for periods of time and to make sure I don’t go too long without resting.

A free productivity Android app that puts your phone on airplane mode during time periods that you set up.

It works almost like Egg Timer except you can actually block out your whole work day.

Background music to keep you in a working rhythm.

Works on your desktop and the website works like an app on your phone.

You get four different playlists to choose from and ‘Downtempo’ and ‘Classicals’ are my favs.

Imagine that you only had to remember one login for all of your different apps and accounts online.

Create passwords for websites on the fly that are as long as you want without having to remember them.

I use this everyday and I couldn’t live without it.

Evernote is a game changer for productivity.  

There are other note apps but with this one you can scan screenshots,  record audio notes, bookmark web links.  

The search, tagging and notebook stack features make it a must have.

All of your favorite Google apps but in a work environment, each custom branded to your business.  This includes Gmail (with no ads), Drive, Hangouts, Slides, Sites,Calendar etc.

Everything works from your business’s domain instead of

Get Paid

The most important part

Stripe is a developer friendly payment gateway that allows you to easily can set up to accept credit cards online.

Many of the apps you see on this page integrate with Stripe and that’s why we use them.

Paypal allows you to accept payments anywhere and everywhere, offline and online.

It’s perfect for getting started online.

But as you sell more volume you may run into issues though.

CoinPayments is an ntegrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

With it you can accept any of their current 115+ cryptocurrencies in your online or at your shop

Acuity Scheduling is the best booking calendar app that I’ve used and I’ve used most of the popular ones. 

What set it apart for me was how well it integrated with other apps and the number of features you get for free.

Sell Products Online

Your 24/7/365 store for the world to shop

If you plan on having an online store fully integrated with your website offering multiple types of products WooCommerce is the most versatile solution for you.

WooCommerce can now directly integrate with Alavon Blue so all of your customer data can be used to automate personalized messages!

Shopify is a powerful yet easy to use ecommerce platform that is great for selling physical products.  

Unlike WooCommerce, Shopify is a hosted solution. This means that the platform provides the hosting and SSL security for you, which will come at a cost.

Also integrates directly with Alavon Blue.

Imagine that you could sell merchandise on your website for free. never come out of pocket for anything until the sale is made and there is money in your account.

We’ve set up a couple of clients with Printful and they are amazed at how easy it is to create a product.

Etsy provides a marketplace for crafters, artists and collectors to sell their handmade creations, vintage goods (at least 20 years old), and both handmade and non-handmade crafting supplies.

What sets Etsy apart from other platforms is that you can make sales without promoting your shop outside of Etsy itself.

Sell Creative Online

Monetize your creativity

Formally Sell your music with this dynamic beat selling system and marketplace.

Very popular among the top grossing online producers and they have a very active community of producers.

Another powerful music selling platform.  Design your custom widgets and build your website with their website build “Vue”.

Includes plenty of marketing features like Mailchimp and tracking code integrations.

Gumroad creates simple links and landing pages for your various digital products.

Perfect for you if you want to sell movies, software, books or music online but don’t yet have a website.


Start expanding for a positive ROI

Facebook is the most powerful direct response advertising media at the time of writing this.

Instagram is the most engaging brand advertising platform at this moment. 

Drive traffic to your website by bidding on keywords, interest videos and more.

Your keyword ads and your YouTube campaigns are created within Google Adwords.

Advertise on the largest B2B platform.  

Put your message in front of decision makers using InMail, display ads, sponsored content and other great features.

Great platform for selling impulse-buy products like clothes, food, drinks etc.  and image based content.  

Highly visual and you’ll have access to a mostly female demographic.


Keep you business safe because ish happens


Box is where we manage all of our client files.  Desktop, mobile and online apps make managing files seamless.

It integrates with many other apps that we use, including Podio, so we are really big fans.

Recently we’ve started moving to pCloud to host client files.  It’s fully in the cloud so your files aren’t stored on your device, unless you ‘star’ it.

There are a ton of other great features that make pCloud our favorite among the others.

Google Drive offers a generous amount of free storage space so it’s what we use for all internal files and documents.

Again, integration is key for automation and Google just about integrates with everything.

We mainly use Amazon S3 for backup storage because it’s cheap and it integrates well with some WordPress backup plugins.

Companies like Netflix and Dunkin Donuts use Amazon for some of their cloud services.

Other tools

But wait there’s more…

Webinars are a powerful selling tool because they allow you to scale a one to one interaction

Webinar Jam is what we set our clients up with because of its automation capabilities.

Answering last second questions at checkout can boost sales.  And live chat is certainly a powerful sales tool for ecommerce.  

Sign up here and get a 60 day trial for free.

Zoom is a really dope video web conference tool that we use for all of our video engagements. 

Meeting recordings and mouse control are a couple of the many features that make it so useful for us.

Whenever you are investing in traffic, it’s smart to measure whether your investment is getting a return or not. 

Instapage is a tool that does this and makes getting your landing page up quick and easy.

Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and platform where you can trade and transact digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

Digital currencies are on the rise and as an entrepreneur you must get on board sooner rather than later.

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links so we will get a small commission if you do sign up for the products.  This is at no extra cost to you and we hope that you get some value in this.

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