Automate your pipeline so you can focus on conversations that matter most

Track your contacts and deals like never before

Integrate deal tracking, personal emails, marketing and automation

Complete sales automation

Assist your sales reps with automated actions based on your contacts’ emails, actions, time within deals and stages, website browsing history, and more. Manual actions are assisted via automation features to ensure you can do more with your time. This provides the perfect blend of automation & personalized human touch to your deals.

Setup your own sales processes

Craft your own sales process combining automated and manual touches to provide the best sales experience possible while saving your agents time.

Use intelligent behavior based logic to nurture leads. Have agents reach out manually when the contact is ready.

Manage and grow your list of contacts

Manage your existing and future contacts with ease. With powerful searching and filtering options you can drill down to specific groups of contacts and view the entire history of a specific contact.

Score your contacts and leads

Who’s hot and who’s not?? Not every contact and sales opportunity is equal. Use contact data such as their details, interactions, behaviors, interests, and more to ensure you are pursuing the top opportunities first.

Track your contacts' social and behavior data

Get to know your contacts. We show their interests, social profiles, interactions with marketing campaigns, behavioral actions on your web site (and your custom apps), and the likelihood of closing a deal.

Plenty of integrations so you can import leads automatically

Drag and drop deal pipeline

Personalize your campaign with your contacts name and other data. Create conditional content within your emails and embed external data based on your contacts preferences.

Track your sales funnel

Watch your sales funnel in real time and always know how much money is pending in each stage. All it takes is a quick glance.

Customize your sales flow

Design your sales process to be as unique as your business. With custom pipelines, sales stages, tasks and more you can get more leads fast.

Integrate your incoming and outgoing emails

Connect with Gmail, Outlook, or any other email provider. View all sent and received emails related to a deal from a single central view.

Sales and team reporting

Keep an eye on your sales funnel, performance metrics, automations, and individual agents with ease.

Everything integrated in one dashboard

Your marketing, automation, and sales processes are all seamlessly integrated within a single platform.

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