Get the S.A.M. Method Automation Framework installed in your business

How the program works

the program

The S.A.M. Method Automation Program not only adds value to your business, but to the business owner and its customers

Better Customer Experience

With consistent messaging that is tailored to each customer's data, behavior and intent, your business stays top of mind when your customer needs you most

A More Profitable Business

By automating repeatable processes, your employees' time gets freed up, lowering your overhead, making the company more efficient, increasing its value

Improved Quality of Life for You

Marketing automation frees you from repetitive tasks so that you can focus on parts of the business you enjoy or remove yourself from it completely

What's included

We help you to automate every phase your business’s marketing.

Automated Advertising

Strategic advertising campaigns to grow awareness for your business and push traffic through your S.A.M. funnel

Automated Website

An automated website dynamically built with "conversion design" to generate leads and sales by creating a unique experience for each visitor

Automated Messaging

Your business will stay in communication with its customers through multiple channels including email, text messages and Facebook based on actions that they take

Automated Mobile App

Improved customers service, retention and word of mouth using push notifications, loyalty programs and automated reviews all in a powerful app CRM.

Ongoing Care

We then put the proper care plan in place so that your system continues to run in optimal condition

  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance Reports
  • Monthly Strategy Calls
  • Support Help Desk
  • Online Training
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Mobile App (Coming Soon)


Each module will consist of three parts.  There will be collaborative tasks that we will work together on, behind the scenes tasks that we will complete as well as homework for you to complete.

Week One

The first step is to establish a foundation for automation; taking care of the boring stuff involved with setting up marketing automation

Week Two

Once the foundation is laid we work with you to refocus your marketing message so that it grabs the attention of your market when we deliver it to them

Week Three

Once we've crafted a your marketing 'story' we will map out the proper marketing funnel and/or website depending on the product or service

Week Four

Once your funnel is mapped out we'll build your automated sales and marketing systems

Week Five

In this module we work with you to build your mobile retention system so that your current customers generate new customers

Week Six

Now that the bottom end of the system is built, this is where we build the "faucet" that attracts traffic and customers to your funnel

Week Seven

In the final module we will educate you on all of the tools being used and how you can better leverage your marketing system


Alavon365 did a great job on our mobile app. We're building a network of volunteers across the country and the app makes it so much easier to keep everyone updated on events!
Bryan and Alavon365 set up a platform for me to grow; not only myself but myself as a business. I recommend Alavon365 to anyone that's looking for a personal touch with professionalism. Things get done in a timely manner and they very responsive.
Alavon365 built my app for me. It works better than I thought it would and my business has grown exponentially since.

How much is your time worth to you?  How much is a customer worth to your business?  How many leads have you lost because you didn’t have a marketing system in place?

Grow your business and make it more valuable using marketing automation