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About Your Freedom

Entrepreneurship is the gateway to freedom in America.  Solving the world’s problems and improving people’s lives can have a profound effect on yourself both financially and spiritually.

The Problem

Creativity and entrepreneurship are not fostered in today’s school system and in much of society. There is a knowledge gap that is  preventing more than capable people from stepping out and pursuing their dreams.  We want to help close that gap.

Innovation, problem solving, and creativity are what drive society forward.  Entrepreneurship is the vehicle for the everyday person to make a lasting difference.  The right information, inspiration and tools are needed to harvest new entrepreneurs.


The entrepreneur’s time should be spent on things that: 1) grow themselves 2) they thoroughly enjoy 3) grow their business in the most efficient way possible.  Everything else should be automated, delegated or not done at all.

Marketing vs Branding

Branding should only be done as a natural byproduct of measurable response marketing that is part of a system.  Investments into logo designs, business cards, catalog websites, etc are important but should come only after a marketing system has been built and tested.

The Mission

At Alavon365 our north star is to provide entrepreneurs and creatives the inspiration, information and tools they need to create better marketing systems in their businesses.  This will allow them to buy back their time so they can enhance the quality of their life and the lives of the people around them.

What We Offer

As an entrepreneur you are likely spending the majority of your time working in your business as oppose to on it.  This means you are essentially an employee of your own company.  Based on a framework we created called the S.A.M. Method,  we provide solutions, software and tools to help you to work less in your business and more on it when you need to.