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How to Claim Your Business in Apple Maps

How to Claim Your Business in Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the default map application for iOS devices.  It’s used three times more than Google Maps on these devices and claiming your business on the platform will help it to be found.  Siri uses Apple Maps as well so this will allow you to show up in voice search.

If you know anything about Apple users (they spend 100% more than Android user), you know this could be very beneficial for your business.

In this article you will discover a step by step guide on how to claim your business in Apple Maps.

To get started you’ll want to head over to Apple’s Maps Connect page.

If you already have an Apple ID, you can sign in with that one by clicking Sign In.  This is the same ID that you use for all of your Apple products and services.

If not you’ll have to create a new one.

Once you have your Apple ID, or you’ve signed in using your ID, you can sign in to Maps Connect.  You’ll need to accept their privacy policy and begin setup.

Click done on this screen and it will send you to Apple’s terms and conditions.  Read over this, click ‘accept’ and continue.

You’ll end up on a screen where you can search for your business.  You can enter your business name and zip code in the fields.

Since you have not set up your business yet, it should not show up.  If it does it was already setup by someone else.

Click ‘Add new place’ to add your business’s listing.  A pop up will appear asking for information on your business including; name, phone number, category and whether you Accept Apple Pay.

Click ‘Next’ and Apple will try to initiate a call to the provided phone number to verify that it works.  A call will be placed to the number and a verfication code will be given by an automated message.

Enter the code and proceed.

On the next screen you’ll need to enter your business’s address.  It will match against official postal service addresses and it will ask you to choose which one to use.

On the next screen, move the pin to the exact location of your business so GPS directions to your front door can be accurate.  When done click ‘Next’.

You’ll then see a screen where you may enter your business’s hours of operation.

Complete this and click ‘Next’.

On the next screen you may enter your social media, yelp page, website and any mobile app associated with your business.  This will be displayed on your Apple listing.

Click ‘Next’ once you’ve entered all of your links.

You’ll then be forwarded to a screen telling you whether your profile is ready to be reviewed.  If there are no issues detected you’ll see a yellow indicator that your profile is ready to submit.  Click the blue ‘contine to review’ button at the bottom to complete the process.

Once done, you’ll see a screen showing that your profile is in review as well all of the information that you entered in the previous steps.  You can edit any section you need to from this screen if you find any mistakes.

[UPDATE: It took exaclty 7 days for Apple to review our business.]

And that’s it!  If there are no issues your business

Now that you’ve got your business set up in Apple Maps, be sure to check out our guide to claiming your business Google My Business show it shows up in Google Maps and local Google searches.

If you have any questions leave them in a comment below!

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Bryan McNeil-Walker

Bryan "Don Suave '" McNeil-Walker is a marketing strategist and music producer. Through his digital marketing agency Alavon365, Bryan has generated over a million dollars in revenue for his small business clients. Coming from a musical family, (his father was lead saxophone player for Rock and Roll pioneer Little Richard) Bryan has always had a rare talent for making music. Along his journey he found that artists like him who have a disdain for the music industry have to master marketing as a necessity. His passion has lead to falling in love with marketing and coming up with the S.A.M. Method; a digital marketing framework that any creative entrepreneur or business owner can use to grow their business. Bryan is also co-founder of Uncord Technologies which has built an order ahead app for food trucks.