Find out how you can you grow your business in a healthy way.

Is your marketing strategy out of alignment?

Find out if what you're doing is really working in 3 steps:


Answer a series of questions about your business


Receive your score (out of 100) and grading scale via email


Review your answers with a business health professional

A complete head to toe assessment

Complete head to toe assessment

Let's dive deep into your business to get to the root of your issues

Intake Survey

You provide vital information we need about your business that will help us to diagnose any issues
Section 1

Pain Assessment

You tell us what pain you are experiencing right now that would need urgent care and attention
Section 2

Hygiene Questions

Using the S. A. M. Method we take a look at whether your are taking proper care of your business's digital presence
SEction 3

Risk Assessment

We explore whether or not we would be a good for eachother at this time
SEction 4

Who is this assessment for?

Applies to any type of business, no matter what industry, as long as it's legal


Assess whether you are doing all you can to attract local patrons to your business and get them to come back time and time again


Assess whether your marketing is magnetically attracting and repelling the right people for your business


Assess how well you are utilizing all available channels to your business that could increase foot traffic and online sales

Assessment questions will change depending on your answers

Isn't it time you got a checkup?

Detect early warning signs before it’s too late

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