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Four Ways Content Marketing Will Grow Your Business

Four Ways Content Marketing Will Grow Your Business Image

How Shish-Kabobs can be Purple Cows”

It was packed from curb to curb on Market street.  People of all ages everywhere stuffing their faces with ice cream, crab cake sandwiches, pizza, wine and beer.  Lines were long and the sun showed no mercy what so ever.  I decide to suck it up anyway and stand in line for a kabob platter.  While standing in line I gazed at all the plates in the hands of people walking past me, furthering my appetite.  The kabobs looked sooo good.  As a marketer I know great content marketing when I see it.

1. Generates Leads

More and more people were getting in line after me.  The line for this particular food truck was significantly longer than the other vendors’.  People were lined up across the street so passer-byers had to step through and around us just to get by.  In my mind I’m thinking, “either this place is really popular or everyone else is seeing what I’m seeing.”  Several people in line, including me, almost break their neck every time someone walks away from the truck with their platter.

Generate leads

I finally get to the front and decide to order the shrimp kabob platter.  It was as if my hunger had already been satiated the second I handed over that $20 bill!  The mere thought of eating the shrimp kabob wasn’t enough though, as I did actually eat every ounce of it.   The rice was seasoned well and the shrimp was cooked to food truck perfection.  Not bad.  And instantly I become a fan for life after that.  They can chalk me up as a win and future return on their investment.   The permanent location for the food truck wasn’t too far from where I lived.  Whenever I got hungry and wanted to grab something quick I would think of this place FIRST.  I knew what their food tasted like, I liked the food and I trusted that my food truck experience would be the same as their restaurant experience.   People will only do business with you if you they know, like and trust you.  I’ve returned there twice since the Reston Day Fair.

2. Provides Social Proof

Their food truck was an example of great content marketing.  To attract new customers to their physical location across town they set up shop in the middle of a busy festival with tones of foot traffic.  They knew that their product was so good that if they could get enough people walking around stuffing their mouths with their perfectly seasoned and cooked lamb, others would be enticed to try it for themselves.

content marketing is social proof

The steaming hot platters that everyone was walking around with was a form of social proof.  Social proof is the assumption that if someone else is doing something it is the right thing to do.  People feel more comfortable buying things that other people have bought.

3. Sell Without Selling

The whole idea of this kind of content marketing is to let your customer the experience what your product can provide up FRONT.  This will leave them psychologically wanting to pay you back for their experience.  Internet marketer Frank Kern calls this ‘Results in Advance‘.  Eben Pagan calls this ‘moving the free line.’ This can be done by giving away free samples or free trials as well.  Speaking of free samples, I did come home with a bag of lotion samples that day as well.  If I were a fan of that type of lotion I would have used it and bought more for sure. sell products without selling with content marketing

You can really set yourself up to win by offering some sort of result in advance.  Great content is a great way to do this on autopilot because you only create it once. As an artist, releasing a free project and promoting a consistent flow of singles would get people to pay attention to you. As a photographer you could offer to shoot a new client’s function for free and send them the photos with your watermark or give them access to view low quality versions on your website, enticing them to purchase your package offering. As a coach or a lawyer a free consultation call would help you to close more deals. As a local business owner, a short video of how you got started with the business with a few shots of your location would be a great way to get potential customers to know, like and trust you.

4. Can Possibly Go Viral

With the use of a blog you can offer results in advance to a larger mass of people at one time and redistribute it on your social media platforms.  Videos, articles, podcasts, slideshows and webinars are all examples of types of media you can use to provide results in advance to your target market.

go viral with content marketing

In one of my favorite books, The Purple Cow, Seth Godin talks about making your product “remarkable” so that your customers will do the marketing FOR YOU.   This doesn’t just apply to your final product.  Your content should be remarkable and therefore entice your readers, listeners and viewers to spread the word about you.   Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable–Includes new bonus chapter (This is an affiliate link)   So figure out what your potential customers or clients want and give it to them already!!  They will keep coming back for more no matter how long the line is.   Are you providing your market with content away from and on your website or business to get them to know, like and trust you?

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Bryan McNeil-Walker

Bryan "Don Suave '" McNeil-Walker is a marketing strategist and music producer. Through his digital marketing agency Alavon365, Bryan has generated over a million dollars in revenue for his small business clients. Coming from a musical family, (his father was lead saxophone player for Rock and Roll pioneer Little Richard) Bryan has always had a rare talent for making music. Along his journey he found that artists like him who have a disdain for the music industry have to master marketing as a necessity. His passion has lead to falling in love with marketing and coming up with the S.A.M. Method; a digital marketing framework that any creative entrepreneur or business owner can use to grow their business. Bryan is also co-founder of Uncord Technologies which has built an order ahead app for food trucks.