5 Ways Salons and Barbers Can Get More Clients With Their Own Mobile App

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5 Ways Salons and Barbers Will Get More Clients With a Mobile App


Salons and Barbers would benefit greatly from having their own mobile app.  Generally clients in these industries are more loyal then in others and apps help to establish that initial trust quicker.

There are many ways that salons and barbers can get more clients with their own mobile app, but in this article you will discover my top 5! (well sort of hehe)

1) Send Instant Notifications

There are slow days, there are busy days, there are slow times and busy times of the day.  These are the realities of working in the grooming industry.  But these realities can be influenced when you have your own mobile app.
So what can you do about this?
With your own mobile app you will be able send an instant push notification to all of your clients with “flash” discount requiring a secret code to be entered when they arrive at your location.  You can schedule messages to go out every other week on a not so busy day, reminding your clients to get in a make an appointment before the weekend.  You can also send out push notifications mentioning how busy you are or how even that if they come soon there is no wait time.

The instant communication is powerful.  How would you use it?

2) Display Style Libraries and Pricing Info

Going to a new barbershop or salon can be an interesting experience.  There’s always a little uncertainty about the level of service that i will receive, especially when I’m going somewhere ‘in the blind’.
You know what really helps?
Having style pictures and pricing in plain site so that I know exactly what I want to get and how much I’m going to have to pay for it BEFORE I get in the chair.  The better me or any other client can communicate with the stylist the more satisfied that I, or they will be.
Styles app

Having a mobile app with prices, custom packages, pictures and any other information about the business makes it very convenient and saves both parties time and stress.

3) Accept Mobile Appointments

There is nothing more time consuming than texting back and forth with Howard, my barber trying to coordinate the best time for me to come in and get a haircut.  He’s at his chair with clients and doesn’t have time to go back and forth with me to figure things out.  I don’t call because nothing is more annoying than a barber that is taking phone calls while he’s trying to hold steady on an edge-up.
How would a mobile app help this situation?
Booking 2
With your own mobile app you can have all of your location’s calender synced right into the app.  For barber shops you can even have each barber and stylists’ schedule right inside that app for individual booking.
If you have a receptionist, this saves them a lot of time, therefore saving you money.
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4) Create Client Loyalty Programs

For me to always look my best I need to visit the barber shop twice a month, at least.  There have been countless times where I’ve put it off simply because I ‘didn’t feel like it’ or just did something else instead.
I know for a fact that if Howard would have had a mobile app with a loyalty punch card system I would have  been in that chair every two weeks like clock work.
So how would you use one?  There are a couple ways:
  1. Create an in-app punch card that can be stamped every time the mobile device is in the establishment (and a secret code is entered)
  2. Create a QR code coupon and post it in store.  Every time the client makes a visit they simply scan the qr code to redeem.
  3. Create a tiered loyalty system that gives clients different deals for different ‘level’ of loyalty.  This can be different levels of discount or extra perks.


4.5) Sell Items 

Most likely you aren’t making this mistake but if you aren’t selling any items in your shop or salon for the client to take home you are missing out on all types of cash.
But let me take it step further…  If you are selling items in your establishment, you would most certainly be able to sell items from inside of your mobile app.

Just take some really good pictures of what you want to sell and you can have clients pre-order for pick up or arrange for delivery straight to the client’s home.

5) One Touch Referrals

Having your own mobile app puts you in competition with the big businesses.  Home Depot, Dominos, Starbucks, Walmart and Chick Fil A all have mobile apps and their customers are using them.  Most likely, your competition does not.  And once you start promoting your mobile app, you will stick out in your market as a forward thinking business and that will attract plenty of new customer and clients.
Since the app is native to the mobile device, it makes it a cinch to share with friends and family.  And friends always share apps that are fun and useful with their friends.
You can encourage more shares by allowing your app users to login with their social profiles as well.

These are my favorite 5 ways that Salons and barbers will get more clients with a mobile app but the possibilities don’t end there.
Do you need help getting your mobile app developed, designed and approved in the Apple and Google Play stores? We’d be glad to help.  We’ve made our solutions affordable for every small business and entrepreneur.
How will you use your mobile app to get more clients?? Let me know in the comments below!
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Don Suave'
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