Comparing Beatplayers: Airbit (Myflashstore) vs Soundgine vs TunePort [Updated 2017]

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Comparing beat players: Soundgine vs Myflashstore vs Tuneport
Comparing beat players: Airbit vs Soundgine vs Tuneport

If you are thinking about selling your music online it can be a pain manually sending files every time someone purchases from you.  If you’ve ever sold beats on Soundclick (up to a few years ago) you know all too well how much of your day it could take.  The best way to help this process is by signing up for a music store (or beat store) service that will host your music and deliver it automatically to your customers once they purchase.  A beat or music store service should also have Paypal integration to accept those payment as it’s arguably the most trusted payment system worldwide.  It should also be easily embeddable to any website.

There are many systems like this online but I’m going to focus on the three main players in the market.  In this article we are going to look at Airbit vs Soundgine vs Tuneport and how they compare to each other so that you can make the best decision for your music production business.


$19.95/$24.95 one time payment


  • One time fee – Unlike other beat players on the market that have a monthly subscription, you only pay once to use TunePort and utilize all of its features.
  • The player looks neat – It’s a very nice looking player.  You can customize the color and branding and there are no TunePort links on your player!
  • It’s very mobile compatible – It’s compatible with all mobile devices.  The player also is ‘finger-friendly’ with nice big icons so when your player shows up on touch devices your visitors are less likely to have fat-finger problems lol.
  • You can package up items – You can bundle up a number of selections into special priced ‘albums’.  This could be a beat tape, an EP or a sound pack.  You can even upload and sell zip files in your store, giving you the freedom to include other items like licensing contracts and video content.
  • Allows for free downloads – You can upload files for free download to give your fans a sample of your music.


  • The Player Looks Foreign – It’s not as widely used and recognized in the internet beat selling world yet so your visitors may not immediately trust it.  But the player looks great
  • No email/marketing integration** – At this point there is no marketing integration available for the store.  Giving away a free download in exchange for email or other contact information would make’s player flawless.
  • No Sales Tracking – There is no sales tracking to give you a bird’s eye view of what your customers are buying and from which websites they are making the most purchases from.
  • Doesn’t have a marketplace to sell your music – Tuneport is the only of the three that does not have a marketplace setting where you can sell your beats to random visitors.  This may not actually be a con but the other beat/music stores give you the option at least.

**UPDATE (9/21) – TunePort has now added an online email marketing tools to their Plus plan.  I have not tested it out yet but when I do I will update this post.** 


Free/$9.99/$19.99 monthly


  • Direct links to each song – Each uploaded beat has its own URL link which is really great for social media sharing and sending specific tracks to specific people.
  • Has a coupon system – You can create coupons to help sell your music.  They can be based on percentage or a specific dollar amount.  Offering temporary promotions for your clients can be a very profitable.
  • Has a custom contract system – You can upload your own contract in to their system that gets delivered along with the relevant music that was purchase.  If you don’t have your own contracts they actually provide a couple of templates for you!!
  • Email Marketing Integration – This is the difference between selling a beat to an artist one time or developing a producer/client relationship that allows you to sell 20 beats over the course of two years.  Email marketing is essential to any online music production business so this feature is great.
  • You can sell different files with different licenses allows you tell sell .wav files and .zip files as well as .mp3 files.  Perfect for if you are providing trackouts or masters to your clients.
  • Has a sales tracking system – You are allowed to host your beat store on unlimited websites so having a tracking system that tells you what is being sold where gives you great insight to your business.


  • Not as frequent with updates – This may not be a ‘con’ for some people but compared to , who consistently posts updates to their product, doesn’t make it a priority to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to features.  (They actually recently updated their website, beat store dashboard look, etc and it looks great!)
  • HTML5 design is limited – There aren’t very many color options for the design of your mobile optimized HTML5 player.  Most of the people that visit your store will be on a mobile phone or tablet so the point of contact at that point should look the most appealing.  
  • No option to sell bundles or albums – This is only a con because Tuneport and Soundgine both offer the option to sell albums or groups of beats.  If you wanted to release a beat tape or compilation project you will not be able to do it from Airbit.


 Soundgine logo
$7.99/$19.99 monthly
(Formally Euphony Beats)


  • Very consistent and transparent with updates – They are constantly trying to make their product better.  Users can give feedback and provide suggestions for the next update in the forum and most importantly, Soundgine listens.  By the time you’ve read this post there will probably be a few more Pros to add here!
  • Comes with five different players  With a subscription you get access to different beat players that work best in different environments.  For example the Pod player is a small embeddable player that you can choose which tracks that you want to play in it.
  • YouTube Video Integration – You can have videos linked in your embedded player that pop up in lightbox fashion.  You can add a video about yourself at the top of the player or a video for any specific beat in our player.  It’s also great for completed songs because you can add the music video right in the player.  We all know how powerful video content is!
  • Links to social media – By having links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Tumblr accounts your brand stays at the forefront. It even comes with a Facebook player for Fanpages.
  • Comes with a website – They recently launched VUE, a one page website builder where you can host your beat player, your bio, your video etc.  You can even point your domain to it if you already have one.  They are aiming to be a one stop shop for producers and this really separates them from the pack.
  • Has a website-like back end – In Soundgine’s dashboard you can manage your albums and singles, upload beats, view graphs of your music sales and plays and install google analytics code to track visitors.   It’s intuitive and a lot of the functions are drag and drop.
  • Sell music commission-free in there marketplace – Soundgine now offers a marketplace that showcases all of the music on the site but unlike Airbit they do not take a percentage of every sale.


  • No free option – If you are just starting out and money is short, the thought of dropping $20 a month on your beat player may make you cringe a little.  Soundgine is the most feature rich option of the three but the lack of a free plan or free trial may be keeping a lot of people from trying everything out… least at first.
Update: After perfecting their “VUE” website builder as a part of their main service, Soundgine now offers a basic $7.99 package for producers who do not need their own website.  The plan includes up to 50 beats and is great for producers who have their own website or app to sell beats from already.


Based on the pricing models and functionality, each player serves a different stage of an artist/producer’s music career.  Tuneport is great for getting your first online store up and running or selling royalty-free music at a low price point.  Once you have a little more to invest in your business, paying for the $9.99 subscription gives you the most bang for your buck but the advantages over Tuneport are minor.  Airbit’s $19.99 plan doesn’t even come close to what you get with Soundgine’s $20 subscription.
In my opinion the best route would be to start out with Tuneport and then later invest in Airbit or Soundgine depending on your business model.  With Soundgine you can sell albums, beat tapes, mixtapes and singles as well as beats so they may be the better option if you have artists that you are working with or if you are an artist yourself.
Are there any other beat players that are great for selling music online?  Leave a comment below and let us know!
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