Earn part time or full time income

$750/sale - Mobile Apps to Businesses

Mobile App sales are booming!
Titans of industry like Starbucks, Chase Bank, Home Depot, 7-11 and McDonalds all have mobile apps. You can't turn on the TV or radio without seeing Big Businesses promoting their mobile APPS!!

Local small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits have been left out for WAY TOO LONG...Until now!

You can be a part of the future of mobile technology so hit your local small businesses and entrepreneurs for Partner with Alavon365CUSTOM MOBILE APPS!

The perfect candidate for our team has:
Business to business sales experience
A positive attitude and enthusiasm
Neat clothing

Walk through 30+ doors/day of local businesses offering owners a 'Free Demo App' that allows them to see what an app for their business will look like and since apps are so cool, no one will throw you out!

We offer other services as well! Target industries include bar/restaurants, barber/salons, health/fitness, lifestyle/blogs, churches, education, real estate, music/entertainment and non-profits.

Job Description:
Get paid within 48 hours of every sale!
Straight forward sales process.

1. Prospect 30 businesses a week (or your personal network)
2. Make 10+ presentations a week
3. Sell 1/week. Make $750/week
4. Sell 2/week. Make $1500/week
5. Sell 3/week. Make $2250/week

For this position you must have the following:
Smart phone - Transportation - Positive Attitude - Curiosity
Business to business outside sales experience a PLUS!!

On your 10th mobile app sale, we will train you to build a sales team of your own plus you will have an opportunity to get a commission increase.

Respond with your name, email, phone number, best time to contact you and send a resume or paragraph (or video, which is a plus) about yourself describing your previous job experience or ties to any industries listed and why you would be a great fit for our team.

Get started right after our quick training.

Fill out the form below and put SALES REP in the subject line.

You will be contacted within 24 hours. Thanks for your consideration and good job hunting!


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