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You can now manage multiple Instagram accounts from your phone.


Instagram is the eighth most popular photo sharing app with over 400 million active users. (Source)  It's one of the most effective platforms for building an audience and they've finally added this long anticipated feature.

Personally I've been waiting forever for this and I hope the feature sticks.

Here's how to get it set up...

Click on the settings icon inside of your account.  It's located on the bottom right where you see my profile photo in the example.


Managing multiple instagram accounts screenshot |


In the options screen scroll to the bottom and select 'add account.'


Managing multiple instagram accounts screenshot |


This takes you a login screen where you would simply input your additional IG user name and password.  As you can see you also have the option of logging in with your Facebook account.


Managing multiple instagram accounts screenshot |


Once logged in you the app will return you back to your profile screen.   On your main screen you will notice two things:

  • On the bottom right you see the profile icon of the account you are logged in as. This helps because you are less likely to mistakenly post to the wrong account.
  • You will now find an arrow next to your username at the top. By tapping this, you can quickly switch back and forth between accounts.


Managing multiple instagram accounts screenshot |

Managing multiple instagram accounts screenshot |


Now, when you get a notification, the username that is being liked or mentioned will show up in [brackets] so you know exactly who it's for.

And there you've set up another account inside of your app.  You can repeat the process with any additional accounts that you need to manage.  There is no limit to amount of accounts you can manage, as long as they all have different email accounts.


Soon videos in your Instagram feed will show the amount of views.

Happy posting and go ahead and follow me on Instagram @IamDonSuave.

 Let me know you came from this post too!

Bryan McNeil-Walker

Bryan "Don Suave '" McNeil-Walker is a music producer of over 20 years with a passion for marketing. After immersing himself in digital marketing for four years he founded Alavon Enterprises to help provide entrepreneurs and creatives the tools and solutions to grow their business/brand in the new digital age. His belief is that the marketing of today and tomorrow is social, automated and mobile.
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