Three Full-Proof Ways to Get Downloads for Your Mobile App

Mobile apps can be a powerful tool for acquiring and retaining customers, clients, fans or patients. 

But simply designing a mobile app and uploading it to the app store will not transform your business.  

That’s only half of the battle….

You also have to get people to download it.
When advertising your new mobile app be sure to explain what perks the user will get for using the app:  
  • Let them know that they will save time with in-app reservations and ordering.  
  • Let them know that they will get a free appetizer or facial when they download.
  • Let them know that they will get exclusive instant deals every week when they download the app.
Okay, so how do you get the word out about your new mobile app? 
In this post you will discover three full-proof ways to get downloads for your mobile app.

1. Feature it on Your Blog

If you currently have a website, most likely your audience is already consuming your content with their mobile devices. 
What better way to get the word out to your audience then to write a featured blog post about your app.  
You can explain what it does, why people should download it and how they can download it.  Be sure to include photos, videos and app store links for immediate download.  
If you have an email newsletter connected to your blog be sure to send a few emails about your app before, at and after launch.
Note: It would also be a good idea to encourage your users to leave a review comment in the app store.  Higher ratings increase downloads.

2. Promote at Your Location


If you have a physical location the easiest way to get downloads for your mobile app is to post a qr code in plane site for everyone to see.  

Including: at the register, on counters, on receipts, on bags, on chalk boards, on business cards and more.

For restaurants there should a tent on every table with the a qr code for people to scan.  

Everything that a patron takes out of the store should have some form of advertisement of your new mobile app!

Also encourage employees to ask customers if they’v downloaded the app as well.


Note: Some businesses get really creative by putting qr codes on hats and shirts of every employee.

3. Plug into Your Current Advertising


How are you currently advertising your business to get new customers?  That’s the first question ask every client that doesn’t know how they would promote their mobile app.

All you have to do is simply plug your qr code or ‘available in the app store’ icon in every form of advertising that you are already doing.  


This includes:
  • newspaper ads
  • press releases
  • television ads
  • email newsletters
  • billboards
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • mailers
  • social media
  • radio ads etc.


No matter what kind of business you have, getting downloads for your mobile app shouldn’t be complicated.  Using any of these three methods will get you started to your first 200 downloads. 
Care to share how you promoted your mobile app?  Share the wealth in the comments below!
In addition to our mobile app development services, we offer a marketing package that will promote your app and your business to your current customers as well as new customers.  Interested in learning more?  Sign up here.

Bryan McNeil-Walker

Bryan "Don Suave '" McNeil-Walker is a music producer of over 20 years with a passion for marketing. After immersing himself in digital marketing for four years he founded Alavon Enterprises to help provide entrepreneurs and creatives the tools and solutions to grow their business/brand in the new digital age. His belief is that the marketing of today and tomorrow is social, automated and mobile.
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