5 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog as a Creative Entrepreneur
5 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog as a Creative Entrepreneur

Most creative entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of having a blog on their website.  As an artist you need time and freedom to work on your craft and making money online will allow you to do that.   Blogging is an essential part of creating passive income online.

A year ago I thought blogging was a chore…..like the most boring thing ever.  I thought it was only for certain types of people and I couldn’t imagine doing it on a regular basis.   Now I actually find it rather enjoyable.
Your blog can be as simple as your Instagram feed or links to other peoples content.  The reality is.. creating great content targeted to your desired customer will get you ranked in Google so he or she can find you.  It’s also key to keeping your current fans and customers engaged and coming back to your website again and again.
There are a lot of bloggers that make $10,000 or more a month.  You are about to discover my top 5 ways a creative entrepreneur like you can make money with your blog.

1.  Selling your own services

You have a service that you offer and you want to attract leads to be converted to clients.  Well, blogging can actually do the converting for you and have people ready to buy your services before you even have to sell them.
Writing about your area of expertise gives you a level of authority.  The right amount of education, entertainment and inspiration delivered through your blog will get people lining up to work with you.

2.  Selling your own products

People will generally buy from people that they can relate to more than people that they could give two toots about.
Creating consistent content will set you apart from your competition as a creative entrepreneur.  More than likely what you have to offer for sale is an extension of you….a piece of art, a song download, an instrumental, stock photos, you name it.
You want people to spend their money on your creative genius but as a creative entrepreneur you have to sell your work in a genuine way.  You have to actually create a connection; get personal and talk to them one-to-one.
As you and I both know, art can have different value to different people.  And many times it’s the value of the artist him or herself that determines the value in the art.
It’s up to you, in your content, to create the connection with your audience.

3.  Advertisements – Google Adsense, private selling

If you are getting regular traffic to your blog, you can monetize it by displaying advertisements that are relevant to your visitors.  When first starting out you can sign up for
Google Adsense for free and they will give you a code to add to any area of your site, displaying ads that are relevant to the person visiting.
How much will you make using Google Adsense?  According to Minterest.org, on average you will make $1 per year for every unique daily visitor that you get to your blogs.  So if you get 5,000 visitors to all of your blogs with Google ads, based on the average click through rate of google ads, you will make $5,000 over the course of a year (about $417 a month).  Imagine what you could do with that.  And the best part?  It’s passive!
As your site gets more and more popular, you will start to get offers from people wanting you to promote their ads on your website.  At this point you will be able to charge a lot more than what Adsense is paying you, therefore taking your profits to a whole new level.
Remember, as long as you are creating great content on your blog, more and more people will find you and your current readers will keep coming back.  If your content is on point they will tell their friends and social media followers!!

4.  Sell Affiliate Products

Arguably the cheapest and easiest way to make money with your blog is by selling other people’s products.   You basically just sign up for their affiliate program, giving you access to special links and banners with tracking that you post on your website.  When people click them and purchase the product you receive a commission.   Simple ain’t it?
Just like how your blog is pivotal to selling your own products and services, it’s the same for selling affiliate products and services.  It is important to only align yourself with brands that you truly stand behind and use yourself.  It makes your content more genuine and the product easy to sell.
My tip:  Every online and offline product or service that you use most likely has an affiliate program.  If it’s a product, like a camera lens, or a midi controller or ANYTHING else it can be found on Amazon.com and Amazon has a great affiliate system.
(Are you curious about how much you can make with affiliate marketing?  Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com breaks down how much he makes every month from his own products and from affiliate sales.)

5.  Membership Content

If your blog has great content that people love to read, it may suite you to ‘gate’ or hide some of the content for only paid members of your blog.  This could be industry secrets that you’ve learned that you don’t want to share with everyone or it could be behind the scenes footage of a bonus album that you only want people to see if they’ve pre-ordered your album.
There are a few different ways to implement this.  You could charge a monthly fee, a one time access fee or have different memberships with different price points.  You will have to update your premium content depending on your pricing model or people will drop out immediately so have your membership model well planned out before starting.
Blogging does not have to be novel writing.  For example a blog post could be a video from YouTube, a slide show from Slideshare, an audio stream, an info graphic or something as simple as a great shot from your Instagram or Pinterest feed that you wanted to show off.
Does blogging still sound like the most painful thing in the world?  Maybe you know someone that loves to write that you could hire inexpensively.  Either way, as a creative entrepreneur you will really set yourself apart from the rest of your competition by regularly posting your own content.
So now that you know how to make money with your blog, get to it!!  Your freedom is dependent on it!
What do you think?  Will you become a blogger now?  Leave a comment below….I dare you!!

Bryan McNeil-Walker

Bryan "Don Suave '" McNeil-Walker is a music producer of over 20 years with a passion for marketing. After immersing himself in digital marketing for four years he founded Alavon Enterprises to help provide entrepreneurs and creatives the tools and solutions to grow their business/brand in the new digital age. His belief is that the marketing of today and tomorrow is social, automated and mobile.
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